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Services We Offer

Permanent / Contract Staffing

Seeking an IT or ERP staff on a permanent or contract basis? Need short-term project help with a peak in workload or other project? Partner with Niche Talent to find permanent or contract staff and you’ll get access to a pool of highly experienced talent that is ready to begin work within a short span of time. Whether you need someone with specific industry knowledge, a subject matter expert, we have the right hiring solution for you.

Campus / Off-Campus Hiring

Connect with campus talent that matches your hiring IT  requirement through our exclusive campus connections. You can Recruit quality candidates within less time and cost. We can give online services of campus hiring through help of Different Engineering Colleges. You can reach the best talent in Engineering  Colleges through our connections as we have dedicated campus connects for such colleges. The criteria of selection is carefully modulated so that you get only the best talent from IT

Background Verification

Many organizations depend on pre-employment background screening services while hiring new workforce. We take all necessary measures to conduct employee background checks efficiently for the accomplishment of the business. We verify employees credentials, previous employment history, due diligence and reliability


Posting an ad often results in hundreds of resumes being put forth in response to your job ad. With many if not most of them, the experience does not align with the job requirements. We make sure to qualify resumes which is received from Recruiters/ Candidates before submitting clients. Our Technical Experts will do the first round  of Interview with Candidates and check the suitability & quality. Our clients can typically expect required  pre-qualified and suitable candidates

Payroll Services

We help our clients in various payroll related activities. Our services includes – Book keeping/Accounting, services in regulatory matters pertaining to IT, GST, PF, PT, ESI etc., GST services (Registration, Compliance and Returns), TDS Returns (corporate and individuals) and other services which you would like to outsource.

IT Consulting

Niche Hiring  advises on the technology enablement of business. Our  specialized consultants help minimize the cost and time associated transformative changes in the business of IT. Primary client offerings include Management Consulting, IT Strategic Services, Project Leadership, Data Analytics, and Information Management. Also We provide technology consultation, implementation, management, support, and application development services for businesses and organizations

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